Adding Organic Sulphur To Your Post-Workout Smoothie

The great thing about smoothies is that they not only are delicious and easy to make, but they are also a great source of nutrients and antioxidants.  In fact, this is one of the major reasons why those who have gone fitness include them in their diet.  They are a rich source of antioxidants. The value they provide to your post workout is unsurmountable.

What if there is a way to even add more value to your already nutrient-rich smoothie?  Well, it turns out there is!  This is by adding organic sulphur to it.   Organic sulphur has been called the miracle supplement due its many benefits.  But what good could it possibly due to your post-workout smoothie?  Let’s check them:

Increased flexibility

It has been shown that organic sulphur has the ability to “juice up” muscle tissue.  This results in better flexibility and, therefore, an increased effectiveness of your workout and training sessions.  So, you get both flexible joints and skin.


During your workout, you are releasing lots of waste and substances that your body eventually needs to get rid of.  In order to boost up your cells into releasing these toxins and metabolic waste, bring organic sulfur into the formula.  MSM (the crystalline form of organic sulphur) will increase your cells’ permeability, allowing them to more easily get rid of impurities.  This, in turn, has the positive effect of also helping to the quick absorption of essential nutrients and water.  Does it sound like an awesome supplement or what?

Reduces inflammation

This is only another important benefit caused by the ability of sulphur to increase the cell’s permeability to get rid of toxins and waste.  Inflammation results from a cell’s inability to get rid of all the waste inside of it.  It basically has more in it than it can hold.  Since there are more molecules producing inflammation inside the cell, this has to pack itself up with more fluids.  This results in a greater weight and therefore, inflammation.  When the cell gets rid of unwanted waste, it also releases this excess fluid, reducing the inflammation.

Faster healing

Another great benefit of helping the cell dispose of waste easily is that it helps the body heal at a faster rate.  During your workout, you might end up releasing lactic acid and other toxins or byproducts.  This can cause soreness or pain.   Organic sulphur will help the disposal of these agents, allowing this energy to be used for healing.

In general, MSM is a natural nutrient produced by your body naturally.  When you work out, you are putting your body into extra stress. Therefore, you must complement the amount of MSM required.  For better absorption of MSM, put it into smoothies with high amounts of vitamin C.

Finding pure crystals of MSM is actually difficult to find.  Most stores will sell it to you as a supplement with other added nutrients. Get yourself a quality product at  It is time to increase your workout progress and your post-workout recovery with a highly enriched organic sulphur smoothie.

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