Fitness as a Lifestyle Change

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Life

A senior man holding two dumbbells while flexing his muscles.

Staying in shape is tough, but it’s even more difficult when you have to start from square one, especially if exercise is relatively unfamiliar to you. Even for those who are highly educated when it comes to physical fitness, it can be easy to lose sight of the health benefits associated with even a very small amount of exercise.

Exercise isn’t simply for those who enjoy sports and want to improve performance. Rather, it’s exercise is something that has profound short- and long-term health benefits, even if you aren’t seeing an improvement in fitness. Even 5 minutes into a light workout your triglyceride levels will begin to drop, vastly improving cardiovascular health.

This is something we often forget, or probably even more often just don’t know. Personally, we feel this can be a great motivator. Some days you just won’t want to go out for that run, or may feel like taking a few days off your workouts as a “reward”. Although we agree that you don’t need to be exhausting yourself everyday, even just a little bit of physical activity will go a long way. Something even as simple as going for a light 5 minute run can help maintain your level of fitness and improve health outcomes.


This is a term used by many of those who take part in a training regime. It’s often stressed that commitment is the only way to truly achieve great results, and we agree with this, but commitment doesn’t have to mean exhausting yourself everyday. Like we said above, the main thing is that you are doing something physically active most days of the week, even if it is a short light jog or going for a walk.

Additionally, getting started is always the hardest part. If you’re just starting to try and get back into shape, it can be daunting to think that the effort of incorporating a new workout program into your daily/weekly routine is a long term commitment. However, once you have yourself into a bit of a routine, it gets easier and easier everyday. Before you know it, you will be at the point where you want to exercise because you don’t feel as good without it!


Self-image is often a concern of those who are currently not in shape, but are trying to get back into shape, especially if weight is the primary concern. This can be especially daunting when working out in the same facility as people who are in great shape.

However, we urge those who are trying to incorporate exercise into their lives to not think about it this way. Anyone who is in good shape will have the utmost admiration for you. When you think about it, running or any type of workout is difficult for those in shape, so they realize how difficult it must be when not in shape. Plus, we’ve all been there!


In summary, the main obstacle to incorporating exercise into your life is simply getting started, especially if you are unfamiliar with different types of workouts. However, please be assured that if you stick with it, you will be amazed at the benefits to your health, fitness, mood, energy levels, and more!

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