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Boxing for Fitness


We have heard some people say they would love to keep up with their running, but they personally find it just a bit too boring, or they want to somehow incorporate more resistance training into their workout program without having to increase the amount of time they are devoting to their workouts every week. One suggestion that we have is boxing. Although it sounds a little off the board, here is why we think it could be a great option for lots of folks.


Boxing is usually quite affordable. In fact, true boxing gyms that focus on pure boxing and training boxers for competition are usually the cheapest. We think that this is the most fun form of boxing, but again, it requires lots of commitment, as the trainer would have to put in just as much time as well, and they won’t want to do it for nothing.

Aside from that, “boxercise” classes are another option, and although they tend to be slightly more expensive, they are definitely incredible workouts that can really spice up your workout routine. Moreover, the amount of boxing gear that you need to purchase is minimal. We prefer the site KO Boxing Gloves for a nice overview of the different boxing gloves available, and they also provide reviews of equipment you can use in your own home, like speed bags.


Boxing is an amazing workout for cardiovascular fitness. They boxers you see fighting on TV really make it look easy, but trust us, it’s an incredible workout. Sometimes when you first start taking classes the trainers will start you with the warmup, and the warmup ONLY, because that alone is a great workout. So even though it’s incredibly challenging, most trainers will make sure to ease you into the program so you can develop proper technique and won’t become burnt out.

Resistance Training

For the most part, weight lifting is not a huge part of boxing. This is mainly because of the weight classes, so boxers won’t want to bulk up and move up a division. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add lean mass while you are reducing your fat mass. Boxing training consists of many different exercises that eventually target every part of the body. These exercises are generally performed under your own body weight (e.g. different styles of pushups, core work, leg exercises, etc). This is one of the main reason boxers always look so ripped. They are achieving a phenomenal cardio workout, but are also targeting various muscle groups and gaining strength.

Bonus – Self Defense

A bonus to boxing training is that you can learn a little more about self defense. However, we must state that if you participate in a boxing training program, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be better at defending yourself on the street, as the street typically has less rules. That being said, learning how to proper throw a punch, or perhaps even more importantly, how to properly dodge or block a punch, may end up making the difference between harm and harmless escape some day.


Generally speaking, boxing is one of the best workouts you can participate in. We aren’t saying go do it right now, rather, we just wanted to offer this as a suggestion, as many people don’t realize how good it can be for you, how safe it can be, and that there are many different styles of boxing workouts that you can select from.

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